What you should know about Holograms

Decades ago, the cult movie, Star Wars, began with Princess Leia projecting her distress call via hologram.

What was once in the realm of sci fi fantasy has now become reality.

The Farm Tech keynote featured a live 3D hologram demo


The possibilities are endless. Applications can range from the creepy, like “resurrecting” dead performers for new performances through holograms, a.k.a. Michael Jackson to integrating holograms into your every life, from the alarm that wakes you up, to planning your day, to your office dealings?


On the entertainment front mind boggling shows can be created like this one in Dubai


Holograms have come to a point that they are so realistic, it would be impossible to distinguish reality from holographic projections. That thought alone is scary. What is to stop us all from being taken in by a global deception should such technology fall into unscrupulous hands?

There have been speculations that a big deception is around the corner.


Edward Snowden revealed related scary stuff about HAARP.

Read about it at http://chronicle.su/2013/07/10/snowden-reveals-haarps-global-assassination-agenda/


True or false?

The technology already exists to make these things happen.

Mankind has had nuclear technology for ages too, and we haven’t yet blown our planet to bits, so I hope that tech won’t be abused.. then again, who knows?


On a lighter note,

Samsung has won the US patent for holograms in U.S.

Rumour has it that Samsung S7 is going to incorporate hologram technology.


While waiting, you can already project holograms from your phone.

This video by mr whose the boss show you how you can turn your smart phone into a hologram projector


Here’s how you can do it without the cd case


Good or bad, holograms are what you make of them.


Over to you.

What are your thoughts on holograms?


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