Internet of things and what it means to you.

What happens if you give things the ability to see, hear, sense and react?

Welcome to the Internet of Things.

While the Internet connected people, the Internet of Things connects objects through sensor technology and analytics so that they can react to specific situations and generally make our lives easier.

Think of driverless cars that can safely chauffeur you to where you want to go.

Or the health tracking wristband you wear that tracks your workouts and advises you accordingly.
cyber human?
image by Bill Dickinson

All these devices can share information with one another through the internet, to trigger pre planned actions that simplify your life.

Take the smart home for example. The sensors detect when you enter the room, automatically switching on the lights and turning on the air con or heater according to the weather, giving you the ideal temperature and lighting while you are in the room. When you leave the room, the lights, heating or air conditioning switch off automatically, saving electricity, lowering your electricity bill.

The applications are endless. You could buy a coke remotely from a vending machine for someone who happens to be there. Your smart phone, smart bracelet and smart fridge can conspire to keep you on your diet. You could even be served by robots in restaurants.

Artificial intelligence that can beat humans in Jeopardy,  diagnose illnesses and possibly take over our jobs? 

Now that’s a scary thought.

The good side
How the internet of things can not only improve our lives, and even save lives

The money making potenial

The dark side
Jade Helm leverages on Internet of things

So what are your thoughts on the Internet of Things?
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