Connecting the world via drone tech

Soon, remote areas in the world will be able to access the internet. Thanks to facebook’s work with drones and Google’s balloons.

Aquila, facebook’s solar powered drone will be up in the sky 3 months at a time, beaming data to the ground through lasers. It was built in 14 months.

Facebook’s internet carrying drone technology developed at break neck speed, open source style, tapping on brilliant volunteers around the world with the feverish pace of a hackathon. It is in line with Facebook’s mission to connect the world.

Google’s project Loon also tries to bring the internet to rural areas via balloons,  though these can’t be steered directly.

Balloon internet via Google?

As both projects approach completion, how do you think these projects will affect the man on the street? How can businesses benefit from this?

Please share your thoughts.

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