Augmented Reality Today


Heard about Sixth Sense?


I’m not talking about the movie or the paranormal.

Sixth Sense is an open source augmented reality project.


Augmented reality augments the real world with the cyber world. You can see videos play on your print news papers, or have chess pieces talk to you while playing chess on the coffee table.



This Augmented Reality Sixth Sense Demo gives you a peek into what AR can do.



Augmented Reality can be made available with the use of markers.


Imagine receiving a mug for your birthday. There’s a marker on it which shows a funny video of your best buddies pops up, with a map at the end of it.


You go to the street indicated on the map, a marker ona road sign makes a fun birthday video greeting play while your pals gather around you birthday song and all.


There’s a marker on the birthday cake decoration which shows a sexy video with a tantalising promise from your significant other plays just for you.



When you decide to propose to the lady of your life while you are in different continents, you could send her the ring, with a video of yourself, while you hop on the earliest flight and complete the wedding proposal, on your knees, flowers and all.


Or you could take her for a stroll to a spot where a marker reveals the most romantic moments you shared together, then while she’s in tears, pop the question.


Services like make it possible for ordinary folks like you and me to utilise augmented reality and pull off stunts like these.



Brands like Visa and Coca Cola have used AR in phenomenal campaigns.


You can use Augmented Reality to boost your sales by wowing your customers.


Augmented Reality is brilliant for sales presentations and elearning too.


Over to you. How would you use Augmented Reality?



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