5 Powerful Ways to Engage on Facebook

5 ways to increase facebook engagement
5 ways to increase facebook engagement

1. Action Gating


In the past, like-gating was the way to increase facebook likes.


In order to join a contest, claim a coupon or access something desirable, one had to like a facebook page. That worked beautifully until facebook banned like-gating. Now anyone can see the content on a facebook page whether they “like” it or not.


Well, this is a problem that’s an opportunity in disguise. Here comes action-gating. To join a contest or claim something valuable, one needs to enter his or her email address instead. This allows you to engage these fans beyond facebook and email them future offers or promos you may run.



2. Say it in less than 80 characters.


Keep your post as concise as you can. As a rule, keep it within 250 characters. But if you want more shares, comments and likes, keep it really short and sweet. Posts with less than 80 characters tend to get the highest engagement.



3. Use photos


People are visual creatures. A picture speaks a thousand words. Hence photos or images garner more interaction than text only posts.



4. Vote Contests


Want more likes?

Need more engagement?

Run a vote contest.

To get participants, bribe ’em with a prize they’d drool over.

Run the contest and have participants post their entries on your facebook page. Let the number of likes decide who wins the prize.


Encourage participants to share their entries on social media and make it easy for them to do so. Do this right and it could go viral, greatly increasing the engagement on your page.



5. Promote your post with facebook ads


Organic reach on facebook has plunged. It has become a play to pay platform, albeit an important one.


You can promote your important post by clicking on the boost post button beside it. Target the country you want to reach and the interests of the type of audience you want to attract.


Typically, if you have a contest or promo, you’d want to promote it with these ads to jump start it.



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