What’s up Mobile?

Mobile technology has changed everyday life into a sci-fi reality.
Virtually everyone is on mobile these days.
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image by Anna Magal https://www.flickr.com/photos/annamagal/

From wearable technology to the phone as your remote control to shopping wherever you are using your phone. Don’t even mention the unlucky-in-love guys who think Siri is their dream girl.

There’s even news of shoes that change their colour and design in response to your instructions via a mobile app.

Mobile is seamlessly woven into our daily lives.
Break your milk frother, use your mobile to order a new one before your spouse find outs. Five minutes later, its replacement is on the way.

Mobile goes even further with Android wear and Apple Watches making online shopping even easier.

Walk into the train and every eye is glued on a mobile screen. Emails are sent and read on the go on mobile devices.  Watches track your workouts, calories burnt and consumed.. the list goes on. Need a cab, book one through your app.

More time is spent on mobile than on computers and laptops combined. The bulk of that time is spent in mobile apps. The youth today are especially hooked on their mobile phones. Try confisicating your teenager’s phone and you’ll  see what I mean.

Businesses can no longer ignore mobile technology, if they want to stay ahead of the competition.

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