What you need to know Programmatic Marketing

Programatic Marketing is the current buzzword, but what is it? Really?

It’s basically using artificial intelligence and big data to serve targeted ads to consumers. Likewise, programmatic buying is purchasing ads through electronic platforms instead of face to face. The gist  of programmatic is to leverage on technology to get the most out of your ad spend.

To cut through the jargon. This is what programmatic buying is about, explained in a way an 8 year old can understand

It makes life a lot easier actually. You buy ads online and can target these ads with live information across multiple devices.

For example, if you have a sale at your store in a specific location. Your ad can be emailed to people who live in the vicinity, and when anyone happens to be near your store during the duration on the sale, an sms could be sent to that person’s mobile device.


Programmatic marketing can go as far as your imagination can take it.

A great example is Nike’s partnership with Google in Nike’s Phenomenal shot campaign.

When that goal was scored, it was replayed across Google’s ad network, inviting viewers to share that moment, engaging people around the world real time.

Over to you.
How would you use programmatic to boost your business?


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