So you have created amazing content. Now what?

Content Distribution

If you build it, will they come?


Yeah. In your dreams.

The truth is, even the greatest content will go unread. Unwatched. Unnoticed. Unless someone lets the world it is there.


It needs to be promoted. Distributed to people who might appreciate it, and if that content resonates with them,  they may share it, increasing its reach.


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Someone has to start the ball rolling and that someone can be you.


You may even spend as much time promoting your  content as creating it but without that effort, your awesome content would go unnoticed, so roll up yoir sleeves and get to work.


Owned platforms

For starters, share your amazing new content on all the platforms you own.


Do you have a company blog?

A website?

Host your content there.


Do you send out email newsletters?

Announce your fresh content and link to it in your newsletter.


Hey, you can even link to your new content in your email signature and invite the recipient to check it out. Tools like wisestamp make it very easy to add a link to your latest blog post in your email signature, dynamically.


What else do you have?

A forum?

Share a blurb and link to your new content there.


A mobile app?

Can you build in a way to use your rss feed to share your latest post or at least a blurb and link to it in it?


Social Networks

While you can engage tons of people through these media, building your tribe on a social network is like building your home on rented land.

It may be free today, but the owner of the social network can charge you to use it or to engage your community on it any time in the future.


That said, social networks are still a great way to distribute your content, right after you have hosted the content on your owned digital properties and spread the word through your owned channels.



Your personal profile.

If you don’t mind mixing work with your personal life, you could share your latest content with your Facebook friends and ask them to help you spread the word.


Facebook page.

Your own page

It could be a company page, a brand page or a community page, meant for public consumption. Share it there and boost its reach with Facebook ads.


Other people’s pages

Be careful not spam. If your content is related to the content on the page and could benefit people there, hang out on that page, comment on the posts there then share your content after you have established yourself as part of the community.


Facebook group.

If your content is around a specific interest, why not create a group for like minded people around that interest?

An open group would probably have more members while a closed group is more exclusive.  You can share your content in that group, exchange ideas and favours with others in the group and grow your reach.

You can also join other facebook groups that are related to your content, contribute and become a part of these communities and share your content through them.


As parents flock to Facebook,  their kids leave for other pastures their parents have yet to figure out. Twitter is one of them.


After you’ve posted your contenr, feel free to tweet it. You can further extend your reach by adding trending related hashtags to your tweets.



If you are posting photos, share them on instagram. Again,  hashtags make all the difference.



If your content is meant to help you sell stuff to women, make sure you have pretty pictures with your content, then pin that content on your pinterest board. Most of the people who use pinterest are women.

Pinners do buy stuff via Pinterest.

Interestingly, Pinterest attracts older girls while We Heart It attracts younger ones.


Linked In

Wanna attract potential clients with your content?

Hoping to catch a prospective employer’s eye?

Linked in is the way to go. Share your business related content there. While you are there, check out Pulse.


Google Plus

Google+ is a must for SEO, building authority content and letting Google know you are an authority in that industry or topic. Set up your own google plus page to share your content on. Share your content with your circles and groups that would be interested in what you offer. But do tread carefully. Read the rules in each group and follow the rules. You don’t want to come across as a spammer.



If you are publishing video content, do upload the videos to youtube.

Not only will your content appear in Youtube search and in Google, others can embed your videos in their blog posts and further distribute your content for you.

Just remember to include your url and company information in your videos so that prospective customers know you are behind that video.


Other video platforms to post your video content include Vimeo and Facebook.


Very short 6 second videis can be shot and distributed with Vine




Websites are hungry for content. You can sydicate your content to them for free or for a fee.


The easiest way is to have an RSS feed. It is an xml file which allows others to embed your posts, spreading your reach.


Mine is

Feel free to add my feed to your blog for additional content.


You can build relationships with brands and publishers for syndication opportunities.


Guess that’s about it for now.

Did I miss anything out?

Do let me know.

Share your thoughts by commenting below.


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