SEO Sensibilities

I was once a datafeed affiliate. Those days, it was so easy to rank in Google. All you needed were thousands of automatically generated,  keyword rich pages, with tons of questionable links, and you could easily hog the top 3 placements in Google for your chosen keywords, if you knew how 😉

The game has changed. The end point hasn’t.  If from day one you have kept your eyes on the same north star that Google follows, and shunned black or grey hat tactics, you’ll do fine.

That north star is the content people actually want,  which they are searching for.

You see, Google is trying to give searchers the best content that fit their search criteria. If yours is the best for that criteria, your content will top the search engine. You’ll get the traffic, which you can then monetise.

image by Jeffrey Beall

In the past, you could game Google easily as it wasn’t smart enough to sift content created for humans from the stuff created just for Google juice. Times have changed.  There’s an army of humans who manually help Google weed out weak content, there’s Panda,  Penguin and Hummingbird, all of which work towards penalising weak content and boosting stuff people actually want.

SEO today is about authority content. This video cuts straight to the point. Beautifully.


So what are your thoughts on SEO today?
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