Is Your Website A Load Of Bull?

Hummingbird, Panda,  Penguin, Zebra.. how about the bull?
bull fight image by Nathan Rupert

Basically all these animal algos are part of Google’s attempts to differentiate what they see as bullshit from great content. It’s the final nail in the coffin for black hat SEOs, or so the intention goes.

SEO has come to a point that if it’s obvious a site has been heavily SEO’d chances are, the system would raise a red flag and humans working for Google would manually review a site to see whether it is trying to manipulate Google rankings, whether it is spam or not.

Unnatural language, anchor text with the same keyword phrase for most of the links, too much repetition of a particular keyword phrase are dead giveaways that a site is SEOd and would probably be considered as a load of bull by Google.

So it is imperative that you fly under Google’s radar and study search engine results if you are going to optimise your website for search engines.

Beating Google’s Bullshit Ratings


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