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As an insatiably curious minion, when I stop learning, I feel so listless. I need to keep learning in order to stay sane.


In a nutshell, this blog is my learning journal. I shut down my sites when I found full time employment at a place I love, so I can better serve my new masters. But something was missing. I felt empty. I needed to keep learning.  Growing. Moving forward and not regressing.


I kept my notes in little notebooks, but realised that I can’t read my own handwriting. I wanted to be a doctor since I was little, but gave up that dream when I nearly fainted during biology classes. Listening to the teacher describe what happens if an artery is cut left me sick. Don’t get me started on the practical classes, dissections and all. No matter.  Though I can’t be a doctor,  I do write like one.


Then came evernote. I was happy with it until I lost access to it. I forgot my password and where I kept it.


Well it’s not going to be free forever, so if I have to pay to keep my notes,  I might as well get cheap hosting and save my learnings in the blog. We can discuss, learn from each other and grow our knowledge base.




Do comment on my posts join in the discussions and let’s learn together.


Warmest regards


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